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Thursday, April 28, 2005

64-bit OS Yellow Dog Linux

Yellow Dog Linux v4.0.1 Supports Mac mini & iMac G5, Sleep, Improved Audio

Terra Soft Solutions(R), Inc., the leading developer of integrated PowerPC Linux solutions, is overjoyed to announce a vastly improved Yellow Dog Linux v4.0.1 with greater than 70 updates, including the return of sleep and audio for pre-G5s; thermal support for G5s; and Yes! the iMac G5 and Mac mini now run Yellow Dog Linux.
  • The 2.6.10 kernel.
  • Thermal (fan) support for G5s Power Macs.
  • Sleep for most ATI-based portables.
  • Support for iMac G5 (sans on-board audio, modem, thermal).
  • Support for the Mac mini (sans on-board audio, modem).
  • Updated ALSA sound driver supports all non-G5 hardware.
  • USB audio device support.
  • XMMS startup crash fixed.
  • Security updates.
  • Installer bug fixes.
... and many other refinements to make the YDL experience more enjoyable. The final Yellow Dog Linux v4.0.1 CD-Rs have been created and will today be delivered to a CD production facility for glass mastering and replication. While shipping product will be available in approximately two weeks, Yellow Dog Linux v4.0.1 is immediately available via YDL.net Enhanced accounts.

Terra Soft's lead engineer Owen Stampflee offers, "YDL v4.0 was a typical dot zero release in that it contained all rebuilt RPMs and many new features built upon a vastly changed code base while harboring a few note worthy bugs. Since the 4.0 release early last fall, we have provided several fixes via YDL.net and the public errata. With v4.0.1, we are pleased to once again unify the improvements and new support into a shipping distribution for a more enjoyable, PowerPC experience."

Yellow Dog Linux v4.0.1 offers support for USB-G3s, all iMacs, G4s, the Mac mini, G5 Power Macs. USB and FireWire remain auto-detected with manual mounting a relatively simple task. Dual-head monitor support for PowerBooks and G4/G5 Power Macs remains in tact. Wireless connectivity is immediately available through the Netgear WG511 54Mb PCMCIA card.
To learn more visit www.yellowdoglinux.com
To download now, visit www.ydl.net and also get subscribed to the Enhanced programs.


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