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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Mobile Internet Devices

This one's Just for myself..
A reference to be read..


Friday, October 27, 2006

Trying New things with FireFox 2

Let me test, if they work...
Wiating to see the same to pop up in my feed.. :)

powered by performancing firefox

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ever wondered whom to ask technical questions?

Off late, struck with some obscure programming intricacies i had scrathed my head, rather been scrathing head to toe from dawn to dusk. Forget thinking about the antidote, i was unable to make out even an ounce of what the problem was all about, rather how profound the predicament really was, truly a behemothic bugaboo.

I really wondered as to whom to ask the quandary, and looked around for the most affable and not to mention an affordable digerati as well.No sooner i realized that its none other than my own(I bet yours too) OS, i marched ahead to post my poser to my beloved OS community.

Within no time, my OS community comrades came out with a succinct and discrete solution and blessed was i to get my much required cogent and precise solution, not just a solution but a real nostrum in a trice.

What had posed to be a brobdingnagian bugbear, merely turned to out to be an insignificant lilliputan issue. And definitely i can aver that there's only one turnkey solution that really adds to the miles of extra smile and gives a real feel good factor. Its none other than OS, ofcourse you guessed it right, its the OpenSource Community, not just Operating System anymore.

-- Believe me, its the experience that speakth.

Have you tried it? If not try right now! right here!!
Any Question? You Surely Got an Answer Here.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ever Heard of SmokeTest Before?

If not let me say, what Smoke Test is all about:

A rudimentary form of testing applied to electronic equipment following repair or reconfiguration, in which power is applied and the tester checks for sparks, smoke, or other dramatic signs of fundamental failure.

In the software world, the first run of a piece of software after construction or a critical change. Smoke Test is an entry to further testing. It generally consists of a suite of tests that can be applied to a newly created build (or even better, be performed automatically by the build system). The purpose of the smoketesting is to reveal fundamental failures or anything severe enough for the testers to reject the release.

There is an interesting semi-parallel to this term among typographers and printers: When new typefaces are being punch-cut by hand, a smoketest(hold the letter in candle smoke, then press it onto paper) is used to check out new dies.

The Mozilla QA team has announced a community test day with focus on smoketesting nightly Firefox builds.
Litmus tool will be used for this testing event. There is a FAQ posted on the QA community wiki that will have specific instructions on how this testing day will run.

Mozilla Firefox in the Coming Years

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

20-dollar mobile phones to arrive in 2007

Mobile chip manufacturers have claimed that the lower segment of the mobile phones would get much cheaper in the coming times. Mobile phones costing USD 20 can become a reality by 2007 if we are to believe the claims. However, they are even planning to go lower with some models touching a low of USD 10 per unit.

Most of these mobile chip makers are planning to cut the costs of manufacturing a mobile phone by integrating as many parts of the circuit on a single chip which could cost as little as USD 5 in the coming years. This is crucial for the overall costing of the mobile phone as it helps the manufacturer to limit the number of components being included in a mobile phone unit.

Two things doest seem to be very clear here.

1. Lower Segment: In terms of quality or the features..???
If it is in terms of quality, ofcourse even the customers wont go for it!!

2. Helps the Manufacturer: The real question here is: Keeping in view the brand image(real relative of cost)..would the top mobile manufactures be really intersted in getting down to low cost mobile phones in the markets?? Rather put other way, will the manufactures be able to help such a low cost chip manufacturers?

As of, my personal opine is to opt for the simple, cheaper basic models,
though, the Opines are always liable to change :)

Link Here:
20$ Mobile Phones

IISc - The India's HotSpot for Innovation

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) wants to establish itself as one of the world’s premier technology centres on par with the America’s MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).
Just as the wise adage goes: Better Late Than Never,
The IISc - Bangalore, too decides to take a leaping step in promoting the Commercial Spin-offs from its more PhDs., making a way for the young entrepreneurs.
Just the matter of few years, that world may as well see some Giant companies similar to that of the SUN and Googles' emerging from the IISc's...

Link Here:
India's Hotspot for Innovation
Visit IISc HomePage

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

C - One of the Best Programming Languages

Shlomi Fish has written a new essay titled "When C is the Best? (Tool for the Job)". Its theme is giving several reasons (besides high speed and low memory consumption) why some code should still be written in C.

Each language is different and has it's own styles and quirks. A language provides a programmer with a set of conceptual tools and forms a platform (Launch vehicle) to carry out the tasks.

C (the portable assembly language) being simple, clean and as well a effective language to write/perform highly effeceint tasks is definitely the one of the best programming languages.
To be frank, its only C that provides thef scope to perform the ISR programs with ease and have lots of funny tricks. :).

Friday, November 11, 2005

Amphibious Houses

This seems to be a Great Architecture indeed.

These Dutch houses are designed in such a way that they float if the ground they sit on gets flooded, rising along with the tidewater. Truly Amphibious!!...
Infact, the Dutch are gearing up for climate change with amphibious houses. If rivers rise above their banks, the houses rise upwards as well.

At first glance, they seem quite unremarkable. The cellar, in this case, is not built into the earth, but on a platform. The hollow foundation of each house works in the same way as the hull of a ship, buoying the structure up above water. To prevent the houses from floating away, they slide up two steel posts - and as the water level sinks, so they sink back down again.

"The columns have been driven deep into solid ground," explains Dick van Gooswilligen from the construction company. "They are even strong enough to withstand currents you would find on the open seas. As global warming causes the sea level to rise, this is the solution."

There would have been no damages, if this were to be followed in Mumbai,Chennai and Bangalore cities.
This can as well be propsed for the areas that run a high possiblity of getting affected by floods.

Amphibious Houses

Archimidis Death Ray -The Preconceived Myth

"During the siege of Syracuse in 212 BC, Archimedes made a burning glass to burn up the enemy Roman warships".

This happened to be one of the much debated Archimidis technology. Also recently caught sight in the MythBusters that busted the Archimidian Death Ray to be a myth.

Again Archimidis Wins, but this time its not the victory over the Roman War ships, but over those who preconceived it to be a myth and the MythBusters.

The Work from MIT definitely seems to put to an end for this controversial debate. The Effort is really worth the results.

See the Video.
Video of the Test

Archimidis Death Ray Principle
Death Ray - A Feasibility Testing from MIT