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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

20-dollar mobile phones to arrive in 2007

Mobile chip manufacturers have claimed that the lower segment of the mobile phones would get much cheaper in the coming times. Mobile phones costing USD 20 can become a reality by 2007 if we are to believe the claims. However, they are even planning to go lower with some models touching a low of USD 10 per unit.

Most of these mobile chip makers are planning to cut the costs of manufacturing a mobile phone by integrating as many parts of the circuit on a single chip which could cost as little as USD 5 in the coming years. This is crucial for the overall costing of the mobile phone as it helps the manufacturer to limit the number of components being included in a mobile phone unit.

Two things doest seem to be very clear here.

1. Lower Segment: In terms of quality or the features..???
If it is in terms of quality, ofcourse even the customers wont go for it!!

2. Helps the Manufacturer: The real question here is: Keeping in view the brand image(real relative of cost)..would the top mobile manufactures be really intersted in getting down to low cost mobile phones in the markets?? Rather put other way, will the manufactures be able to help such a low cost chip manufacturers?

As of, my personal opine is to opt for the simple, cheaper basic models,
though, the Opines are always liable to change :)

Link Here:
20$ Mobile Phones


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