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Sunday, July 24, 2005

KOffice 1.4 suite - The Real Complete Office Suite

The KDE Project released version 1.4 of its KOffice office productivity suite last week, adding two new applications, integrating support for new standards, improving interoperability with other office applications, and making a LiveCD version available.

The KOffice 1.4 suite claims to be "lightweight, yet feature-rich," and cooperative with Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.org. Also, though the integration will not be complete until the next release, KOffice 1.4 offers some support for OASIS's OpenDocument format.

The applications currently included in the KOffice 1.4 suite are:
KWord frame-based word processor
KSPread spreadsheet application
KPresenter presentation program
Kivio Visio-style flowcharting application
Karbon14 vector drawing application
Kugar report generator
KChart graph and chart drawing tool
KFormula formula editor
KPlato - A project management application
Krita (image manipulation application) and
Kexi (data management application).
Filters - (Many Import and Export Filters )

More information on KOffice 1.4
Linux Download Station


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