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Sunday, June 26, 2005

FireFox Configurations - Tips and Tricks

Firefox fans, both new and old, may benefit from a few tips that appear in an article published by PCMag.com. Author Sarah Pike takes you step-by-step through a handful of nifty features and configurations you may not have noticed before.

Pike explains a few easy-to-overlook Firefox basics, like the red "Update" icon, which appears in the upper right-hand corner only when an update is available.

Pike also covers two ways to manually update the Firefox web browser and associated themes and extensions, plus how to import data from other web browsers (wholesale or selectively), and how to set multiple home pages (it's as easy as typing "|" between a string of URLs).

Additionally, Pike discusses RSS feeds, recommendations for wrangling bookmarks, and a few settings that theoretically give Firefox a bit more speed. Perhaps best of all, Pike points the way to a few about:config resources, for help with everything else you might want to tinker with.

Visit PCMag.com to learn a few Firefox tricks.


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