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Friday, June 03, 2005

Quake 4 - The God of All Games

The trailer for Quake 4 is out.Quake 2 was too good to resist. Quake 3 the Best ever Death Match. Quake 4 looks even better. As befits a game made at the dawn of the era of perfect, on-the-fly photorealistic game engines, the thing just looks to incredibly badazz as to beggar the imagination.

But if the trailer is anything to judge by, the storyline and gameplay are every bit as good as the graphics (in Quake 4, you're still playing a space-marine hunting down evil alien cyborgs, but you're a cyborg yourself, tormented by the steel in your bones). I can't wait to play this.
Flash Here:: Link

Update: "GameTrailers.com usually has downloadable versions of game trailers only found on officials sites buried in Flash. There are three here, plus an exclusive interview in both QT & WMV."


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