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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Boom in the Browsers: FireFox, Opera what about IE 7

Since MS announced the tabbed browsing feature in IE 7, I am just waiting for MS IE 7, can it compete with the Outstanding Opera 8 and Fabulous FireFox 1.04.
Opera Software recently released version 8.00 of its eponymous Web browser. I found both Firefox and Opera are capable browsers and anytime better than the MS IE 6, and though they are very different, each has much to offer to any user.

More At: NewsForge brings the comparison of OPERA 8 and FireFox 1.0

Update MAY 24 05:
Pros and Cons of Opera and FireFox
Vote for the Best Browser

Update May 25 05:
Challenges for MS IE7
Who is the best when security Matters?
Linux More Secure than Windows?
MS Vs Linux: Is it War of Ideology?


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