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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Digital Authentication or Manual Authentication?

Evolution of Cryptography: From Ceaser Text to RFID's to Vein Readers. What next?
Authenticate Yourself with nothing other than Yourself.

fuji_palm_vein.jpgFujitsu has announced that the University of Tokyo Hospital's room access security system will now use their contactless palm vein authentication technology. Palm veins are unique amongst individuals, and with the exception of size, don't change at all over one's lifetime. They offer more consistent readings throughout different environments and are not much affected by other factors like cold weather, injury and chafing. Since the unit is also contactless, its deployment makes perfect sense in a hospital, where you obviously want to try to touch as few surfaces as possible. We briefly mentioned a similar device last month, so it's neat to see them already hitting the mainstream.

Press Release [Fujitsu via Medgadget]


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