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Friday, May 13, 2005

Blue-Ray Vs HD-DVD or Sony Vs Toshiba?

The latest technology standards war intensified this week as Japanese electronics giants used a major Tokyo tech show to show off two technologies jostling for position in the high-capacity storage market - Blu-ray and HD DVD.

Both Blu-ray and HD DVD are designed to do the same thing - bring huge capacity to disks so that more information can be stored, played and recorded on them.

Blu-ray disks with 52GB (gigabytes) of capacity are already on sale, and eight-layered versions being developed will provide 200GB of storage.

Blu-ray boasts higher storage capacity than its competitor, but HD DVD backers cite the lower cost of producing their technology. They claim it will be cheaper with their products to put machines and disks into the market.

Toshiba said the 45GB disc has already won the approval of the DVD Forum, the DVD standard's governing body. The Forum has also approved Toshiba's dual-mode disc, which bonds a dual-layer DVD onto the back of a dual-layer HD DVD, allowing content providers to support current- and future-generation players with the same product. Toshiba announced the dual-mode disc, since when JVC has come up with a similar dual-mode

Its time to think and react. Will there be an end to the internal rivalry and will the media world settle down to one common
unified format.

Toshiba Unveils 45GB HD DVD
DVD Battle Hard To Quit
Toshiba's New DVD Can Store 12-Hour HD Video
More companies join HD-DVD/Blu-ray peace talks

Recent Update 23 May 05:

"TDK the new entrant for the DVD Standards War... May well be the Final Frontier"

TDK prototype Blu-ray Disc stores twice as much data

TDK has announced that they have developed a prototype Blu-Ray disc capable of storing twice as much data as the current version of the same format disc. In fact, they have also developed the technology, which enables them to write on it twice as fast. This would make it a perfect medium for taking backups of huge quantities of data.

TDK unveiled this disc at an exhibition and claimed that it can be written on with speeds reaching 72Mbit/s, which is double the 36Mbit/s rate for current Blu-ray Discs. For achieving this, TDK has used a more powerful laser and made changes to the material of the disc’s recording layer.

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