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Monday, May 16, 2005

Windows vs Linux: a modern desktop comparison

Simple ignorance hampers the growth of desktop Linux. Few even recognize the name. Of those, some mistakenly believe Linux is as cold and utilitarian as the command line. But people who really know Linux, know that Linux can be warm and friendly like any other OS. And now, there's photographic proof.

The crew at OpenSourceVersus.com have assembled a collection of screenshots displaying the core functions of Windows XP, Ubuntu 5.04, and SuSE 9.3 (both run from LiveCDs) side by side. This useful collection of images illustrates that Linux is not just a toy for the slide rule set; normal people will want to use it, too.

See the screen shots and compare Windows XP, Ubuntu, and SuSE -- from the boot screen, to the trash can -- at OpenSourceVersus.com.

Booting up

For more comparisons on this topic click here.

Outlook 2003 Evolution Kontact 1.1

MoreScreen Shots: OutLook Vs Evolution Vs Kontact


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