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Friday, November 11, 2005

Amphibious Houses

This seems to be a Great Architecture indeed.

These Dutch houses are designed in such a way that they float if the ground they sit on gets flooded, rising along with the tidewater. Truly Amphibious!!...
Infact, the Dutch are gearing up for climate change with amphibious houses. If rivers rise above their banks, the houses rise upwards as well.

At first glance, they seem quite unremarkable. The cellar, in this case, is not built into the earth, but on a platform. The hollow foundation of each house works in the same way as the hull of a ship, buoying the structure up above water. To prevent the houses from floating away, they slide up two steel posts - and as the water level sinks, so they sink back down again.

"The columns have been driven deep into solid ground," explains Dick van Gooswilligen from the construction company. "They are even strong enough to withstand currents you would find on the open seas. As global warming causes the sea level to rise, this is the solution."

There would have been no damages, if this were to be followed in Mumbai,Chennai and Bangalore cities.
This can as well be propsed for the areas that run a high possiblity of getting affected by floods.

Amphibious Houses


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