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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ever Heard of SmokeTest Before?

If not let me say, what Smoke Test is all about:

A rudimentary form of testing applied to electronic equipment following repair or reconfiguration, in which power is applied and the tester checks for sparks, smoke, or other dramatic signs of fundamental failure.

In the software world, the first run of a piece of software after construction or a critical change. Smoke Test is an entry to further testing. It generally consists of a suite of tests that can be applied to a newly created build (or even better, be performed automatically by the build system). The purpose of the smoketesting is to reveal fundamental failures or anything severe enough for the testers to reject the release.

There is an interesting semi-parallel to this term among typographers and printers: When new typefaces are being punch-cut by hand, a smoketest(hold the letter in candle smoke, then press it onto paper) is used to check out new dies.

The Mozilla QA team has announced a community test day with focus on smoketesting nightly Firefox builds.
Litmus tool will be used for this testing event. There is a FAQ posted on the QA community wiki that will have specific instructions on how this testing day will run.

Mozilla Firefox in the Coming Years