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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ever wondered whom to ask technical questions?

Off late, struck with some obscure programming intricacies i had scrathed my head, rather been scrathing head to toe from dawn to dusk. Forget thinking about the antidote, i was unable to make out even an ounce of what the problem was all about, rather how profound the predicament really was, truly a behemothic bugaboo.

I really wondered as to whom to ask the quandary, and looked around for the most affable and not to mention an affordable digerati as well.No sooner i realized that its none other than my own(I bet yours too) OS, i marched ahead to post my poser to my beloved OS community.

Within no time, my OS community comrades came out with a succinct and discrete solution and blessed was i to get my much required cogent and precise solution, not just a solution but a real nostrum in a trice.

What had posed to be a brobdingnagian bugbear, merely turned to out to be an insignificant lilliputan issue. And definitely i can aver that there's only one turnkey solution that really adds to the miles of extra smile and gives a real feel good factor. Its none other than OS, ofcourse you guessed it right, its the OpenSource Community, not just Operating System anymore.

-- Believe me, its the experience that speakth.

Have you tried it? If not try right now! right here!!
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