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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Rural Indian Kids Still Learning Computers Quickly

India and IT go Hand in Hand. Though the nation fails to provide food,shelter and other basic needs, it wont fail in providing the Computer knowledge.

While some have been complaining that kids without computer literate parents are at a disadvantage, studies in India have shown that might not be true. We first mentioned this experiment many years ago, when a researcher cut a hole in a wall and put a computer in it for street children and discovered that they could teach themselves to use computers very quickly. It appears the same guy is still at, going around to rural villages and giving out computers to see how quickly kids pick up the basics -- and discovering that it's rarely a problem. With a little bit of experimenting, the kids figure out all the basics. Of course, not everyone is enthusiastic about the program -- claiming that these kids need a lot more (food, medicine, etc.) before they need a computer. However, it does give hope that the idea of the "digital divide" for less than well-off children may not be that big a deal.

Go throught the BBC Article.


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